Sunday, April 24, 2011

bike ride to Semington

How many Babies??

and i didnt fall in the water!

Beautiful views

looking more n more like my Dad!

Dandelion frenzy

its not a bike ride without taking photos!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Liberty Chocolate taster day

Tomorrow...The world..

ok.. maybe not ! but today was Liberty's chocolate tasting day for our caramel eggs and Praline chips.

The buying public seemed to totally love the products... which was always going to happen, as our chocolate is divine.

*note the wallpaper in the reflection
The table i had to work from was a little on the bijou side..but i tried to locate a few of our eastery kind of products, as well as the ones i had as tasters...

the Caramel Egg tasters went down really well... especially with the littlies.. 

There was a major rush between half 12 and two, i guess it was lunch time.. and i actually had people queueing up for a taster or 2... 

the Spiel came so naturally after a while, but i cant say i wasn't nervous at first!
Everyone loved the tasters..
some looped round on their way out for a second taste!

*I did laugh when one lady came up to me and asked me where she could buy the wallpaper on the chocolate rooms wall...
i politely informed her that i didnt work for Libertys, but for Lick the spoon.. but i also said i think it would look good in her lounge!!

This was so good for my confidence..
since moving to the UK from Brunei, ive not really found my confidence...
ok not the least confident person in the world.. but inside.. im not the most confident either..

like i said Today Libertys
tomorrow.. the WORLD!


 a few more random pics below.. cos you know me... gotta take pics!

hope you like them!

wedding?? what wedding!!

Englands green n pleasant land...x