Thursday, March 31, 2011

Photo challenge for march..

                          1     Celebration.. my steves sea salt & almond birthday ice cream

2            Empty.. once this was a church.. NOW its a empty house of God!

3  Home made.. bread & Picalilli

  4  evening

5 stripes, in a shopping centre in Trowbridge

6 Work.. a tough job working with chocolate!

7  Blue, the skies in wiltshire in march!! hasn't lasted mind!!

  8  Yesterday.. we went to Bath..

  9  growing.. signs of spring.

10   Flight..a duck on the Kennet & Avon Canal..

11 2 boys both of them Loud  when they're winding each other up!

 12 New... hanging out washing a NEW experience for Alex!!!!

13  Favourite...
My Boy Nelson the X Brunei Cat!

14  a game.. nelson plays wobble the cat flap to make us think hes in when hes out!!!

15  Pattern..early morning frosty pattern on a blackberry leaf

16.. Fabric  OK ribbons maybe are not strictly fabric, but i liked this.. its the offcuts of the ribbon i use at Work..

Thanks to Kate Pendleton in Brunei for the idea of the monthly challenge,  loved it..x

Monday, March 21, 2011

DRAGON Easter eggs

Made by hand at Lick the Spoon..

they are milk and white chocolate, hollow, but not that thin pappy yukky easter egg chocolate..

divine fantastic quality chocolate is only ever used at LtS!

the white chocolate has a light coating of special oriental spices, which is applied by hand, and then the marbling effect is done.. its a work of genius..

in the box that the egg sits in, are 4 differently flavoured dark and milk chocolate thins..

i think this egg is the bees knees...


Sunday, March 20, 2011


just a few photos taken today, Sunday 20th March..

the wee baby is Ingrid, a neighbours little one and the toddle is called Phoebe.. another neighbours wee girl..

Hope you like them..

Wired for sound... and ONLY 2 years old!!!!

This rather large dog was actually in the doorway on a barge on the canal...

cant believe another weekend is over!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I love gardening and in this new garden we have an extremely blank canvas.. so we are mostly buying and planting shrubs and steve is espaliering some fruit trees.. (above)

its hard work, as at the front of the house theres an area that has gone a bit eau Natural! wilid.. well , more like LIVID to be honest..

today i attacked it.. no mercy was shown..

sad to say it looks like ive done very little but this area was totally overgrown!

see!!! there is a bit of a difference! phew.. i was starting to think no one would believe me * haha!

well im hoping we have made a difference, and now we can plant some less invasive plants there

the front of the house gets the evening sun so i intend to plant clematis and climbers around the door...
as ever the romantic fool!!

ill take another pic once i get the roses around the door!

soon OUR garden will be as pretty as some of our neighbours who have such lovely established gardens...

in the meantime.. watch this space


Thursday, March 17, 2011

birthday cake

what a treat....

a real birthday cake, shared with Nina.. but still.. a real proper fully fledged birthday cake...

and YES.. it tasted as good as it looked...


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


as they say Pictures speak louder than words, and as those who know me will already know.. i never have THAT much to say anyway!!

below are some photos taken today in not so sunny Marlborough, wiltshire..

the main street

St Peters church is still a working church, but it sidelines in crafts arts and Cakes!it does this to help with the upkeep of the Church.. i loved the cow!
the font of all things Twee

view from the Pulpit,towards the cafe!
St Peters church


top hat for sale.

Upstairs at Erics.... a HUGE 2nd hand emporium!

waiting for the bus home..

bottoms up!

what U looking at?

attack duck at his best.. he was well trained in a severe beaking for the person trying to take his picture:ie ME!!

Monday, March 7, 2011


I love my job