Saturday, March 19, 2011

I love gardening and in this new garden we have an extremely blank canvas.. so we are mostly buying and planting shrubs and steve is espaliering some fruit trees.. (above)

its hard work, as at the front of the house theres an area that has gone a bit eau Natural! wilid.. well , more like LIVID to be honest..

today i attacked it.. no mercy was shown..

sad to say it looks like ive done very little but this area was totally overgrown!

see!!! there is a bit of a difference! phew.. i was starting to think no one would believe me * haha!

well im hoping we have made a difference, and now we can plant some less invasive plants there

the front of the house gets the evening sun so i intend to plant clematis and climbers around the door...
as ever the romantic fool!!

ill take another pic once i get the roses around the door!

soon OUR garden will be as pretty as some of our neighbours who have such lovely established gardens...

in the meantime.. watch this space


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