Thursday, November 3, 2011

captured on camera


then after the rain..

some spectacular sunsets...
over the industrial estate at work!


its cold outside!

 KEEP warm and Stay IN BED

* A PUBLIC INFORMATION IDEA bought to you by Nelson!

November Rain

Lives up to its title..
Seemingly November is the month of rain ..

its usually wet overnight, dry ish through the morning, then the rain comes in and stays in through the late afternoon early evening!

Oh well..

at least its not snow


Monday, October 17, 2011

hopes and dreams dashed in an instant!

My last post was Alexs interview day

today was his medical and fitness..

sadly, Alex has issues with lactose and is lactose intolerant.

this was enough for the RAF to decline Alexs application..

he is devastated..

all his hopes and dreams gone in an instant..

all because he cant cope with milk!

good to know that all the front line boys arent lactose intolerant..

were devastated for him too..

their loss..

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Alex's RAF interview day~ Bristol

Alex has his final interview for the RAF in Steve helps him master the art of cufflinks and TIES!!!

PROUD Mum... made me want to squish him.. well~ he is MY boy!

Had to do the Obligatory self portrait before we leave the house....

These were on the market near to where Alex had his interview...

People... and Lots and LOTS of people...

These flowers (dahlias ~ sweet peas ~ and them flowers that dry... always remind me of my Dad x)

View from the Cafe window ..well.. we had to wait somewhere with a view!

Lunch ~ jerk Chicken and mango salad.. Memories of Barbados!

Saw this advertised made me smile as Nina at work always says this as an exclamation!!!

                                                                       and YES!


                                                                      Alex made it through....

                                                            Nelson quietly congratulates Alex...

                                              This is ~ we hope ~ the start of a great career for Alex..


Friday, September 2, 2011

Chesneys 21$t Birthday!

This is OUR gorgeous God daughter Chesney!

She is part of a very special family that we hold close to our hearts..

Chesney had a mat hatters tea party to celebrate her 21st...

This is Louise~ Chesneys mum and my very good friend...oh and some Red Velvet cakes, that were lovely..

Lauren, Ches Sam and ME... working it!!!!

Suzanne Ds wonderful Jam Tarts....

Lovely Lauren ~ Chesneys sister.. sadly Oliver, the girls Brother, was in new york so wasnt at the party!

we had such a fab time....


These little babies are sea salt  caramel chocoroons...

and I made them!

What an awesome day ..i got to learn quite alot about chocolate making today

I dare say i wont remember any of it!

but i really enjoyed the challenge of the Chocoroons!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Catchup ..

 BlackJack Street Party

 A celebration of the re opening of Blackjack street in Cirencester , where LICK the SPOON  have their shop...

                                            These are my bosses Di & Matt with the Mayor

We have had a few Visitors from Brunei too over the last few weeks...

Firstly Karen and Catherine...

They bought great weather with them...

Then Ros(alind) Mark and their Kids came to stay with us for a night too

sadly Jet lag got the better of Ros!
such a shame as we hadnt seen each other for Over a year!!


The house in Devon... rented out for 4 years..
sadly~we had to give the tenant notice, as we could see the house was becoming unloved..and she had let it go..well actually by the time we found out.. it was GONE!

She left both house & Garden in an awful state

The Kitchen had to be de greased...
it was caked in a layer of grease from top to bottom!

We went to the Barbican in Plymouth.. as i love it there

The sun shone, and we ate fish & Chips outside a cafe!

Plymouth is just lovely... i could move back there quite easily.. sadly theres no jobs for Steve there!

Thats it for now.. Weddings and Birthday celebrations next time..

Im back..

Crikey..i hadnt realised how long its been since ive blogged.

i will put that right RIGHT NOW.. though i might not publish it straight away...

so much has happened!!

where do i start!


Monday, May 23, 2011


what a lovely few days we have had away with my sister and bro in law, and steve.

We stayed in Lagos in the Algarve.
Not somewhere id always fancied going..
but, now ive been there ,i would definately go back.

I did struggle with the food, as it was pretty fish based, and to be honest,i didnt fancy the chicken..
it was, to say the least, a little on the scrawny side..
BUT i survived..
The beer was very good though, as was the apple schnaps...

but as im a believer in pictures speak louder than words.....

here goes......

beer o'clock


For sale..

Mandy n me near Sagres

beach near Ingrina

Lady in Lagos sister 

Brits were here

No sandcastles on this beach!

steve and Mike

lagos beach

hope you like them..