Thursday, April 29, 2010

some cards what i have made!

I think im getting the hang of this a bit more now??

this was attempt no 1 at a hand drawn kids card.. the train is raised off the paper..

its a bit childlike but het.. its for a child x

Monday, April 26, 2010

Spit day 24/04/2010

Sunday was spit day... always a fun day out..

we headed over to the spit on a RHIB this time.. what a giggle that is.. as you bounce like theres no tomorrow!

Steve was OK as he sat behind the driver on a proper seat..

But i was on the Inflatable rim... hahaha

This is the view of the spit from the boat.. the RBYC staff had been there all week clearing it out and tidying it..

The land Used to be joined to the spit at muara BUT they made a deep water channel right through the middle of it.. so now.. its an island!

The weather was lovely..

This is one of the usual boats that run us all to and from the RBYC to the spit..

Reggie does her BBQ brunch, and brings all the necesarry things for a slap up meal..
we even got apple crumble and ice cream this time!!

as usual.. the beach was packed out...

steves Glasses with me n the beach in the reflection!!

this is the sea looking UP the river and towards Sarawak, Kota Kinabalu..
looks idyllic doesnt it..
but sadly, as with all the beautiful beaches here .. they are blighted by rubbish!!

such a shame!

ANYWAY.. we had a lovely day...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

made me smile when i saw these....

OK.. these pics need NO words..
But i will try and explain why I find them soo funny!!
these were seen today while in wahoo... the local department store..

Maybe they will make you smile too...

this is a Kiddies back pack.................

I have NEVER seen a Muslim Barbie before....

Modern Sheila..
Me thinks Modern Sheila could do with a 2010 makeover to get her out of her 1980s clothes??

THIS is the window of a bridal wear shop..

Now i think maybe modern sheila may have bought her last outfit from here..

Makes me smile.. we are in a Muslim country.. with rules about bearing shoulders and arms.. and here in the window.. these mannequins are wearing halter-necks and rather revealing dresses...

Mmmmmmmmm   ??


Today i was introduced to a shop in the outskirts of gadong that makes and sells baclava..

How do you describe baclava..
Nutty sweet pastry.. and its lovely

I seem to think it originates from the middle east.. tho im told that this place is linked to turkey.. tho.. i could be wrong..

There were many varieties available.. and i have to admit.. that i did buy some for US.. although the actual reason for going was to get a gift for a friend who has her 60th Birthday on friday!

Thanks to Auriol for showing me this place, but probably a good thing ive not known about it before....!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Orange Tea and baby Kailan?

This first picture is for linda my lovely sister, who is in the UK..

this time last year.. i was in the UK as Dad was poorly..

Im not sure laura (my neice) has drunk tea since!!
This is Teh Tharik (pulled tea) made with condensed milk tea and some sugar.
 Ayamku means chicken.. its a chicken seafood place.. its brill....

I have been there a few times now and have always had great HOT fresh food..

 this is the baby kailan with oyster & Garlic...

Its the best..

this man sat and read his paper..

believe me..

steve and i sat and ate!!!!

i like this pic.. hes deeeeeply engrossed in his paper..

Ok the view isnt up to much but

Ayamku seafood berakas..

You got to go there if you live In Brunei..

Love it large there..x

and ps Linda
the orange tea isnt quite as good as yours xxxxx

Brunei's Disappearing jungle..

When we first arrived in Brunei in 07.. this land was a full on Jungle area....

trees covered as far as you could see..

Sadly in these days of progression, and more housing being required.. the jungle is slowly disappearing..

This is another area where the ladies hash used to run..

I couldnt believe it the other day when we passed by and it was now a proper roadway to diplo..
its has cut right thru the place where we used to hold hashes..

Its very sad..

but it is progress..
i just wonder what happened to all the wildlife there?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Well... I think im getting better at this card making at last!

i feel that im now starting to be a bit more 'adult' like in my idea..

My friend Boel is selling her  Cuttle bug machine and was kind enough to let me have a 3 week play with it...

wow.. its awesome...

i made a few things with the dies and embossing... and now definitely want one...

BUT have decided to wait till we return to the UK.. as the exchange rate here Brunei $ to UK pound is bad bad bad...
and we have a weight restriction for our return.. and it would have to go sea freight anyway.. as its soo heavy!! so.....

i had great fun playing with the machine...
apparantly there are a few varieties out there to chose from.. so i will have a look when i get home...

Just to let you know.. that Nelson arrived safe and well in the UK and is now in his quarantine kennels..overhill in Bristol...

let the 6months quarantine begin!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Goodbye Nelson!

12th April 2010... The day that my cat nelson left Brunei to head to the UK.
It was odd, as I got the feeling he knew that something was happening..
the last few times in the car, hes really not liked it..
but today.. although reluctant to go IN the cage, once inside.. he was pretty calm, and hardly meowed at all..

He had spent the morning outside with his mate ginger... but at 11am decided he wanted to come in.. so I spent a fair amount of time just having goodbye hugs with him(sad eh)  and it was a great excuse to do absolutely nothing..

Helen had visited with Claudia earlier.. and that was a great distraction for me.. kept me busy and entertained.. bless em... xx

So.. the time comes to take him to the Airport...
the journey to the airport (taking him ourself saved $85!) was OK.. I covered the cage this time so he couldn't see out..he seemed far happier..(well happy may be a slight over statement!)

we arrived at cargo, Steve got our passes and we went to meet the rep..
Nelson caused a bit of interest... People seemed to think he was a special cat.. not just a stray we found 18months ago..

The picture is of Molly, who sadly went out and never returned home last Feb, and of Nelson..
The picture was taken November 08..
you can see what a state nelson was in.. emaciated, Mangy and pretty darn ugly...

who would have thought this ugly duckling would become my handsome prince!
BUT he did!!

This picture of them weighing him in... weight 8kgs
weight charged for..15kgs..
mmmmm.. sadly its done on Volume rather than weight..

Steve & I waited with nelson whilst the paperwork was done...
Nelson showed his displeasure by sitting with his back to the door... but.. made NO sound at all...
he wasn't freaking out.. so that was good..

They took him through into the cargo area after about 50 minutes of paperwork, didn't really get to say bye as such..
got in to the car.. and bawled like a baby!
Steve kept telling me.. we are doing it for the good... to give him a better life.. and YES that we are..
6months without him is going to be weird..
but October 11th.. i will be at the Quarantine.. ready to bring him to our homw.. (wherever that will be!!)

And do you know what was just so bizarre....

we went to the RBYC at Kota Batu for supper straight from dropping Nelson off..
and when we got there..
look who came out from the drain... cute as a button..

walk away Tina.. walk away!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

March ATC


Have obviously had far too much spare time on my hands to have finished them by today!

made the usual 6 ATCs again.

4 for the swap

One for paula

AND  one for me......

i would have liked to have used pictures / templates that are available from the internet.. but the new printer freaks me a little.. (im sure it knows what im thinking... and im sure it always defies my wishes) Or maybe its just too new fangled for me to be bothered to fathom out!

anyway.. i had great fun doing these ATCs and getting to use my new stamps...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

atc challenge for March 2010..

what does that word conjure up to you...

to me,vintage is anything before the year i was born!.. its given me a wide amount of scope..
but sadly im limited by the things i have.. as im still just starting out on that long & winding road to craftyness!

Luckily i did buy some stamps recently, with a vintage feel.. and some pens that were kind of mottled vintage colours, so.. they have been my main use this time..

Im still 'creating' but i will add pics of the atcs as soon as ive finished..

i have a 60th birthday card to make this week for a friend of steves...blokeyness is something im non directional on.. but i guess the more i make the better i will get ??

Its Easter here (as it is everywhere) but theres no sign of anything eastery at all.. Though i did get a text saying Hot Cross buns were in the local supermarket.. (probaly at some extortionate cost, and ridiculously short sell by!)
Anyway.. im off to celebrate easter at the Empire for afternoon tea tomorrow..
its ages since we went there.. and at $25 for 2  Buffet afternoon teas.. well Why Not?


Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Dad

My Dad was my Hero...
This pic was taken at my sister lindas wedding in about 1971... in it are my Mum and dad (seated) and Im next to my dad... having a brilliant laugh with him.. My sister amanda is next to me..and my brother chris is peering behind her..

My dad... last year he was taken very ill in february .. and i went home to see him... I was able to spend time with him, and i got to see the side of my dad that lots of people didnt get to see..

the alzheimers was evil... it took away all of my dads memories.. so much so.. he didnt know who I was when i went home to see him...
Its a year on 18th April since dad died..

I want to remember my dad in a positive way

so i have made some cards (all slightly different) to send to all my sisters .. brother and my niece back in the UK..

i just want to remember Dad.....

I miss him xx

Hong Kong 7s.. amazing....

well.... its just the best experience to get to go to the rugby 7s in Hong Kong! and i was soo lucky to go there for the 2nd year running..
Alex came too... so that made it a real family holiday... he was soo lucky to win a signed shirt from the team... (this is Alex and Ben Gollings.. the team captain)

This was taken looking towards Kowloon..

the sevens are a brilliant thing to get to do... and even though we arent huge Rugby fans.. we really get into it whilst were there..

The rugby fans are brilliant.. no hurt no malice .. all good humour.. its brilliant..

and best of all.. The thighs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!