Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Goodbye Nelson!

12th April 2010... The day that my cat nelson left Brunei to head to the UK.
It was odd, as I got the feeling he knew that something was happening..
the last few times in the car, hes really not liked it..
but today.. although reluctant to go IN the cage, once inside.. he was pretty calm, and hardly meowed at all..

He had spent the morning outside with his mate ginger... but at 11am decided he wanted to come in.. so I spent a fair amount of time just having goodbye hugs with him(sad eh)  and it was a great excuse to do absolutely nothing..

Helen had visited with Claudia earlier.. and that was a great distraction for me.. kept me busy and entertained.. bless em... xx

So.. the time comes to take him to the Airport...
the journey to the airport (taking him ourself saved $85!) was OK.. I covered the cage this time so he couldn't see out..he seemed far happier..(well happy may be a slight over statement!)

we arrived at cargo, Steve got our passes and we went to meet the rep..
Nelson caused a bit of interest... People seemed to think he was a special cat.. not just a stray we found 18months ago..

The picture is of Molly, who sadly went out and never returned home last Feb, and of Nelson..
The picture was taken November 08..
you can see what a state nelson was in.. emaciated, Mangy and pretty darn ugly...

who would have thought this ugly duckling would become my handsome prince!
BUT he did!!

This picture of them weighing him in... weight 8kgs
weight charged for..15kgs..
mmmmm.. sadly its done on Volume rather than weight..

Steve & I waited with nelson whilst the paperwork was done...
Nelson showed his displeasure by sitting with his back to the door... but.. made NO sound at all...
he wasn't freaking out.. so that was good..

They took him through into the cargo area after about 50 minutes of paperwork, didn't really get to say bye as such..
got in to the car.. and bawled like a baby!
Steve kept telling me.. we are doing it for the good... to give him a better life.. and YES that we are..
6months without him is going to be weird..
but October 11th.. i will be at the Quarantine.. ready to bring him to our homw.. (wherever that will be!!)

And do you know what was just so bizarre....

we went to the RBYC at Kota Batu for supper straight from dropping Nelson off..
and when we got there..
look who came out from the drain... cute as a button..

walk away Tina.. walk away!!!


  1. Bless his boots.

    Safe trip Nels

  2. Tina
    Tell me you did walk away!!!...lol

    blog candy vintage stamp up for grabs on the ATC blog please try for it.

    chriss x

  3. yes i did.. sadly.. there are ALWAYS plenty of kittens / cats hyere than need some TLC.. if only eh x