Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Dad

My Dad was my Hero...
This pic was taken at my sister lindas wedding in about 1971... in it are my Mum and dad (seated) and Im next to my dad... having a brilliant laugh with him.. My sister amanda is next to me..and my brother chris is peering behind her..

My dad... last year he was taken very ill in february .. and i went home to see him... I was able to spend time with him, and i got to see the side of my dad that lots of people didnt get to see..

the alzheimers was evil... it took away all of my dads memories.. so much so.. he didnt know who I was when i went home to see him...
Its a year on 18th April since dad died..

I want to remember my dad in a positive way

so i have made some cards (all slightly different) to send to all my sisters .. brother and my niece back in the UK..

i just want to remember Dad.....

I miss him xx


  1. wasnt meant to be as depressing as it comes across...
    just want to remember my Lovely dad...xx

  2. At the current state I'm in, things just sets me off...

    I was reading Chicken Soup for the Cats Lover Soul, and I was crying at every story! ;-p

  3. hormones hormones! bless you xx

  4. I have just been looking through your blog, first time for a wee while. It has brought tears to my eyes.

    What with Nellie going on his quarantine trip and then pictures of mum and the way, not one of the bride eh? lol I put bridge first!!

    I have spoken to the cattery in Bristol and Nellie has arrived safely.

    I love you Tina, I am sobbing sad.

    Dont know how to put this is from Linda xx