Friday, April 16, 2010

Orange Tea and baby Kailan?

This first picture is for linda my lovely sister, who is in the UK..

this time last year.. i was in the UK as Dad was poorly..

Im not sure laura (my neice) has drunk tea since!!
This is Teh Tharik (pulled tea) made with condensed milk tea and some sugar.
 Ayamku means chicken.. its a chicken seafood place.. its brill....

I have been there a few times now and have always had great HOT fresh food..

 this is the baby kailan with oyster & Garlic...

Its the best..

this man sat and read his paper..

believe me..

steve and i sat and ate!!!!

i like this pic.. hes deeeeeply engrossed in his paper..

Ok the view isnt up to much but

Ayamku seafood berakas..

You got to go there if you live In Brunei..

Love it large there..x

and ps Linda
the orange tea isnt quite as good as yours xxxxx


  1. I shall never, ever forget the taste of Tea acquired taste Tina tells me. Not for me thanks!!

    Orange tea (Yorkshire tea) is always available for you love - and the AGA needs cleaning!! xx

  2. Loving all your pics you have a great eye.


    gladNelson arrived ok xx

  3. blog candy give away tina please join in.

    sorry doris has not yet made it to my house from usa but just as soon as she does i will let you know.

    chriss x