Monday, January 9, 2012

im still here!

just been ridiculously busy at work before christmas, and havent felt that good after!

so off work today, after having to leave early on Friday! goodness i felt poorly...

hoping its just a few day bug... think im ok, then realise im not and just want to sleep..

im not a poorly person , and dont like being ill..

Steves writing a snotty e mail to our X agents as they still owe us money for the deposit from the house in Ivybridge!
they can i say it..Lax , and very slow...
always passing us from one person to another and never calling back when they say!

im glad we have the place rented privately now..lots less hasstle.. and far more reliable..

Hindsight is an awesome thing.. we should have sold the house in 05 and had done with it.. but...

oh well...

anyway.. 2012 it well under way.. lets just hope it will be a good year for us all..