Monday, May 23, 2011


what a lovely few days we have had away with my sister and bro in law, and steve.

We stayed in Lagos in the Algarve.
Not somewhere id always fancied going..
but, now ive been there ,i would definately go back.

I did struggle with the food, as it was pretty fish based, and to be honest,i didnt fancy the chicken..
it was, to say the least, a little on the scrawny side..
BUT i survived..
The beer was very good though, as was the apple schnaps...

but as im a believer in pictures speak louder than words.....

here goes......

beer o'clock


For sale..

Mandy n me near Sagres

beach near Ingrina

Lady in Lagos sister 

Brits were here

No sandcastles on this beach!

steve and Mike

lagos beach

hope you like them..

Thursday, May 12, 2011

ice cream

Im not a huge fan of Ice Cream but my boss at lick the spoon made some recently and today i got a taster..
strawberry frozen yoghurt and strawberry sauce, with a side order of vanilla ice cream underneath.

I have to admit it was amazingly good..

but then .. i shouldnt be surprised should i..

havent been in work as much recently, theres definately a post easter lull...

left work earlier tonight as id finished all i could.. and was sat in a traffic queue.. and this tree caught my eye..(not literally)
i wonder what people must think when i whip the camera out and take pics out the car window...

theres something about dead trees that i like too.. theres one on the way to exeter, that..i will one day get a piccie of, thats if its not fallen over by now!

when i got home, i was greeted by Nelson.. with the usual choros of Meowing (aka FEED ME!!)

This is the new position that he has chosen..
we moved the sofa into the window, so now it gets the evening sun...through the blinds

He knows where hes best off

I think im definately coming back as a cat!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

i who have nothing..

to blog!

seriously... i havent blogged in a while and to be truthful..ive nothing really to blog about!

Have had the most ridiculous bangy thumpy head since tuesday last week.
Didnt drink.. and still it stays!

says to me one thing.. DRINK! ha!

off on hollybobs to Portugal next saturday..
so at least i will have an excuse to be AWOL!


heres a few pics to fill the serious gaps!


Mandy Me and Rosemary.Sisters at weston super Mare


Daydreaming donkey WSM

Tellisford walk

Tellisford Church

Green and VERY pleasant Land

BUT Oh soo dry!