Saturday, October 16, 2010

just a few piccies...

Time is running away again.
What with the preparation for the house move (well.. i did pack a few things away earlier) and me new job...i seem to have misplaced some of september and october!

Nelson is doing well.. the first night was awful.. he was totally freaked out and was very skitsy..
Now hes seemingly back to the Nelson we know and love..

The weather here is getting colder and colder by the day , The hour.. minute... second!!

Cant wait to get OUT of this place and into the new one.

Still.. for a brief moment!
Nelson behind the curtain

Lick The spoon (UK)
Milc chocolate Lollies..

Found it!

This is it..
This is our new home

MY kitchen
 We should be in by EARLY December..

I cant wait!
I'm seeing hanging baskets and roses around the door!

Monday, October 4, 2010

just looking

Just looking... thats all were doing at the moment..
but i really want to find a nice place to live up here.

I love this area.. just struggle very much, to love this house..
it is a house.. not my home..

i feel so cramped in this place, but then after my home in Brunei.. i think most UK houses will feel small..

looked at a couple of places yesterday.. no 1 was awful.. the 2nd one was beautiful.. just what we want.. but sadly a bit on the small side for what they are asking.

Took some photos of the area while i was out walking with my sister mandy.
its great to get out into the fresh air (fresh meaning a little chilly!)
The beauty in this area is breathtaking.. and i will be very happy to live here..

Just gotta find the right house .

as they say at the Ladies hash, ON ON!!