Monday, October 4, 2010

just looking

Just looking... thats all were doing at the moment..
but i really want to find a nice place to live up here.

I love this area.. just struggle very much, to love this house..
it is a house.. not my home..

i feel so cramped in this place, but then after my home in Brunei.. i think most UK houses will feel small..

looked at a couple of places yesterday.. no 1 was awful.. the 2nd one was beautiful.. just what we want.. but sadly a bit on the small side for what they are asking.

Took some photos of the area while i was out walking with my sister mandy.
its great to get out into the fresh air (fresh meaning a little chilly!)
The beauty in this area is breathtaking.. and i will be very happy to live here..

Just gotta find the right house .

as they say at the Ladies hash, ON ON!!

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