Saturday, April 3, 2010

atc challenge for March 2010..

what does that word conjure up to you...

to me,vintage is anything before the year i was born!.. its given me a wide amount of scope..
but sadly im limited by the things i have.. as im still just starting out on that long & winding road to craftyness!

Luckily i did buy some stamps recently, with a vintage feel.. and some pens that were kind of mottled vintage colours, so.. they have been my main use this time..

Im still 'creating' but i will add pics of the atcs as soon as ive finished..

i have a 60th birthday card to make this week for a friend of steves...blokeyness is something im non directional on.. but i guess the more i make the better i will get ??

Its Easter here (as it is everywhere) but theres no sign of anything eastery at all.. Though i did get a text saying Hot Cross buns were in the local supermarket.. (probaly at some extortionate cost, and ridiculously short sell by!)
Anyway.. im off to celebrate easter at the Empire for afternoon tea tomorrow..
its ages since we went there.. and at $25 for 2  Buffet afternoon teas.. well Why Not?


1 comment:

  1. A great blog and fab pics... a lovely one of you and your dad very special I should imagine.

    Great one of the pitcher plant and can see why it gets it's name.

    Life seems to be one big holiday where you are you will miss it on your return back to the rat race here.

    Sorry the easter bunny wont be visiting you but just think of the calories.

    take care
    chriss x