Monday, April 26, 2010

Spit day 24/04/2010

Sunday was spit day... always a fun day out..

we headed over to the spit on a RHIB this time.. what a giggle that is.. as you bounce like theres no tomorrow!

Steve was OK as he sat behind the driver on a proper seat..

But i was on the Inflatable rim... hahaha

This is the view of the spit from the boat.. the RBYC staff had been there all week clearing it out and tidying it..

The land Used to be joined to the spit at muara BUT they made a deep water channel right through the middle of it.. so now.. its an island!

The weather was lovely..

This is one of the usual boats that run us all to and from the RBYC to the spit..

Reggie does her BBQ brunch, and brings all the necesarry things for a slap up meal..
we even got apple crumble and ice cream this time!!

as usual.. the beach was packed out...

steves Glasses with me n the beach in the reflection!!

this is the sea looking UP the river and towards Sarawak, Kota Kinabalu..
looks idyllic doesnt it..
but sadly, as with all the beautiful beaches here .. they are blighted by rubbish!!

such a shame!

ANYWAY.. we had a lovely day...

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