Thursday, September 1, 2011

Catchup ..

 BlackJack Street Party

 A celebration of the re opening of Blackjack street in Cirencester , where LICK the SPOON  have their shop...

                                            These are my bosses Di & Matt with the Mayor

We have had a few Visitors from Brunei too over the last few weeks...

Firstly Karen and Catherine...

They bought great weather with them...

Then Ros(alind) Mark and their Kids came to stay with us for a night too

sadly Jet lag got the better of Ros!
such a shame as we hadnt seen each other for Over a year!!


The house in Devon... rented out for 4 years..
sadly~we had to give the tenant notice, as we could see the house was becoming unloved..and she had let it go..well actually by the time we found out.. it was GONE!

She left both house & Garden in an awful state

The Kitchen had to be de greased...
it was caked in a layer of grease from top to bottom!

We went to the Barbican in Plymouth.. as i love it there

The sun shone, and we ate fish & Chips outside a cafe!

Plymouth is just lovely... i could move back there quite easily.. sadly theres no jobs for Steve there!

Thats it for now.. Weddings and Birthday celebrations next time..

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