Thursday, March 31, 2011

Photo challenge for march..

                          1     Celebration.. my steves sea salt & almond birthday ice cream

2            Empty.. once this was a church.. NOW its a empty house of God!

3  Home made.. bread & Picalilli

  4  evening

5 stripes, in a shopping centre in Trowbridge

6 Work.. a tough job working with chocolate!

7  Blue, the skies in wiltshire in march!! hasn't lasted mind!!

  8  Yesterday.. we went to Bath..

  9  growing.. signs of spring.

10   Flight..a duck on the Kennet & Avon Canal..

11 2 boys both of them Loud  when they're winding each other up!

 12 New... hanging out washing a NEW experience for Alex!!!!

13  Favourite...
My Boy Nelson the X Brunei Cat!

14  a game.. nelson plays wobble the cat flap to make us think hes in when hes out!!!

15  Pattern..early morning frosty pattern on a blackberry leaf

16.. Fabric  OK ribbons maybe are not strictly fabric, but i liked this.. its the offcuts of the ribbon i use at Work..

Thanks to Kate Pendleton in Brunei for the idea of the monthly challenge,  loved it..x

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  1. HOW did I miss this?!! I follow your blips, and knew you had a blog (I have read many of the Brunei posts) but just stumbled upon it again as I saw you were a 'follower' of my blog! I love your photos (had seen a few before on your blips) - the 'game' one of Nelson, gorgeous, and I'm always a sucker for b&w shots of frosty leaves!