Wednesday, March 16, 2011


as they say Pictures speak louder than words, and as those who know me will already know.. i never have THAT much to say anyway!!

below are some photos taken today in not so sunny Marlborough, wiltshire..

the main street

St Peters church is still a working church, but it sidelines in crafts arts and Cakes!it does this to help with the upkeep of the Church.. i loved the cow!
the font of all things Twee

view from the Pulpit,towards the cafe!
St Peters church


top hat for sale.

Upstairs at Erics.... a HUGE 2nd hand emporium!

waiting for the bus home..

bottoms up!

what U looking at?

attack duck at his best.. he was well trained in a severe beaking for the person trying to take his picture:ie ME!!


  1. fabulous fotos i loved the upstairs at sort of place.

    the way you framed it using the green glass vase... you will never believe i am so into glass bottles at the moment.

    the view from the pulpit too with the book..clever you.

    have a great week.
    chriss x

  2. thanks Chriss.. it was a lovely few hours..
    i love the challenge of taking photos...
    theres soo many that id love to put on the blog but... im sure people would be soo bored!!!

    thanks for the compliments though x