Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Peeling Paint Artist Trading cards project

As you can see... this is the table where the magic happens!!
haha.. no this is actually my dining room table (thats for sale as we leave here in 9 weeks) and this is where i make all my cards and do all my ATCs..

This months theme is peeled paint effect background (i hope thats right!)

Ive loved messing with paints for this one.. Steve bought me some paints on saturday... as i sold a few bits and bobs and felt proper pleased with myself..

The peeling paint effect is achieved by using paints and vaseline!

what fun i had playing with this.. tho the climate here did make the cards turn up at the corner quite quickly.. i did panic a little but a heavy weight and patience paid off..

here are my attempts at this months ATC..

and my favoutite angle.. as you can actually see the texture in the paint on this...

i think This has been the start of a new way of making ATCs..
as i have always used paper as a background before...

Thanks to Gaby for setting this challenge and for helping me learn a new technique..


  1. Ooooh, very nice, you must show me how it's done. Free this friday? ;-)


    the pale blue when enlarged and enlarged again wow, you really achieved the look, hope that i can do as good as this.
    well done.

    love your pictures and cards too

    chriss x

  3. Oooh, these are wonderful. I've only done stage 1 of the technique and I hope mine get such a great effect as your have.

  4. thanks Ladies... i loved doing this technique.. and have done some more today.... with brighter colours SO not me!
    Love it.. have fun happy peeling xx (in the non sun burn sense!)

  5. I'm so happy to have recruited another crafty person into the world, love the table...messy messy messy, love it! Well done, they are fab! px

  6. Gorgeous! Glad you loved the peeling paint technique:-) The colors and the texture of these ATCs are terrific!
    Gaby xo