Thursday, July 29, 2010

Im Back

This  is our humble abode

Its compact & bijou (thats posh speak for small)

But i like where we live.. we are rural.. and away from noise and smog and chavs!

This is the back of the house....

No beach ... but hey.. ill cope..

Nelson is a mere 20 miles away from us ... we have been to see him a couple of times...

he is bonkers.. and i miss him very much..

Only a mere10 weeks till he escapes quarantine (12th Oct 2010)

Nelson seems pretty happy in his small area...

i dont thin k hes ac tually bothered about being there and the ladies there seem to love him...

Im glad to be back

just feels like ive never been away!

but i have a thousand happy memories to remind me that i have xxxxxxxxx

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