Monday, January 11, 2016

4 years later....

  • I'm still here..
  • I'm still in Wiltshire
  • in the same job
  • in the same house
but with a few subtle differences..

We are now a family of three Humans.. two Gerbil
AND Ruby the working cocker spaniel..

We picked her up May 2014 and have not looked back since.
She is awesome..
we also have a new addition by way of..Brian!

He is our new (but old) Motorhome! The best way to go on Holiday when you have a 4 legged friend..

One day.. we will own a lovely modern version of Brian..but you know what.. he is all that we need right now, and we LOVE  going away for a few days.

So! here iam. Still a Chocolatier working at Lick the Spoon..
other than the now the only chocolatier..!

Im sure that i will find something inspiring to blog about..other than the dog and the cats and the Gerbil.. but..

I really am still here!

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