Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Loan Service Summer Ball ..

Last weekend (26th June) was the loan Service Summer ball at the Miri marriott ..

The evening was absolutely Brilliant, the Organisers had worked tirelessly to get the evening up and running, and it seemed like although people were 'up for it' on paper.. that when it came to parting with their $$ there was a bit of reluctance..

Anyway... there were approx 40 people who attended the ball.. and it was a lovely atmosphere..
The music playing when we sat down to eat was awesome.. very 80s and 90s.. and right up my street...

The food was lovely.. the WINE flowed excessively freely  ... and when the band came on they were fab...

They played just the right mix of music, and i think everyone danced at some stage...(even Ben.. who apparently did an awesome job of taking up the whole dance floor, and gave David brent a run for his money!)    sadly... I have NO photographic evidence of this!!!!

This is Steve & I with Auriol and paul

Helen and I trying to keep in the theme of the B movies....

Jo, Andrea, Claire who were part of the committee... and me ! (who wasnt)

10/10 To all concerned...

Thank you for a brilliant evening.. and steve and My last Loan service Official function..

One to remember for sure


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