Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Vietnam is .... Mad..
the motorcycle and Bicycle are King here for sure..
Pavements are for parking (aka abandoning) bikes in any fashion!  


Everyone is trying to sell you something

and to be honest its probaly something you done need or want!

Yes i did buy these, they are whistles!
i only bought them so i could take their pictures... they all wanted their pictures taken after id taken the older ladies...

it was like a photosession.. they all wanted to be with steve!

we took a trip up the river... to a fishing area.. where there was a boat(wow) and it was fishing (double wow)
and it cast its net, and hauled it back in ..
then they showed us fish..
Wow thery must have leapt in the net very quickly... then they asked for Dong!!
mmm didnt see that one coming (much!)

These guys werent staged...

and didnt stop to ask for any Dong either...

far better side of life to see..
reality wins every time over the staged acts for tourists!

Gosh i sound bitter..
Im not.. i just dont like being used as a way to extrude money from..
we arent rich

we never will be and hey.. thats fine.. Money is a necessary evil... but dont rip me off cos im a tourist and im in your country!


The food in Ho An was brilliant..
This was Tofu with chilli and garlic and lemongrass...

It was like eating eggy heaven!

and cost about 1 pound ish

ive bought some tofu since ive been back so i can try to make this! (!!)

And to wash it down


tasted lovely.... and im not a beer fan either... but for 50p a bottle..
it was churlish not too wasnt it..

More pics later..
There are plenty to chose from!!!! x

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