Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ATC cookies challenge

This month the challenge in ATC Land (artist trading cards) is cookies.. Ahh i thought!
Cookie monster, cookie dough.. I love cookies...
after further reading about the guest Donna, and what she describes as her cookies.. well.. it wasn't quite what i was expecting AND im relieved to report.. a whole lot a fun to do..
Its all about the doodle...
oooh we can ALL doodle but when you know you got to doodle.. the doodle production gland kind of dries up!

so i waited... at first i got some A4 paper and dripped a tea bag all over it,,(freshly squeezed..) then rubbed the Tea bag around the paper and left it to dry (white paper is so very 80s .. dont u think..Lol)

I left it to dry a while and then grabbed some pens and pencils and had my husband Steve pour me a nice glass of red... and just sat there... doodling..
MY doodles arent doodle shapes as such... i tend to doodle words..
In the old days, on school desks i used to doodle Tina loves David Soul.. but i figured that wasnt very appropriate..
SO i let my doodle gland take over... and just kinda wrote whatever came to the tip of the pen...
then i actually got the DESIRE to draw.. doodle.. boxes and flowers.. thats very sad.. and then daft cats..cos i love cats.. and then the words kept coming!!

I left them overnight .. and came back to them yesterday morning... filled in a few gaps, and added a few bits and bobs cut out from some ladies magazines i had laying around(always seems so BAD to cut up these mags, as we get so few western magazines here.. and they are so expensive!) BUT i did what i had to do! haha.. all for the sake of ART... Tina's Art!

well I like the finished products..

Im not entirely sure why i chose some of the words i did... although some of them have quite a strong bearing on things going on in life with everyone i guess..

i will upload some pics today.. but currently have a cat (nelson) on my lap.. so its a great excuse not to move!

(ok hes gone now so NO excuses!!)

                                            I decided this was a bit dull...

                                          so added a bit more colour....

Honestly... Im not an angry person really.. I just had the words in my head!

I can be positive too!!  x



    I guess the red helped loosen the wrist and the mind.

    and you make really good coming over here.

    Put a link on the post to say we can find you over here.

    Have a great day

    chriss x

  2. Very artsy fartsy, get you!!

  3. These are incredible!! Thank you for sharing them, Tina :)

  4. Hi Tina

    I have added myself to your follower list. I wonder why it won't work for you? Try a different browser, perhaps?
    Lol about the cookies. I'll have to start doodling!!

  5. hey just did a close up and did you throw the red wine on x

  6. ahhh Chriss... very observant!!! yes theres red wine on them too....didnt want them all neat.. thats not proper doodling!!!
    And susan.. thanks for the add... ill keep checking the blogs while im away... Have sent the ATCs off already.. and forgot to take updated pics... oops! oh well...x

  7. These are great - I never thought of red wine! Don't know if I would get much on the ATC though! LOL!