Thursday, February 4, 2010

im going.... and i may be a while!

HOME SWEET HOME.... for now!

Its thursday.... what a busy few days ive had...(and no photographic evidence either!!)
yesterday i did  Bukit shahbandar again with Jo & Helen, sadly Cath had to work, and Ros(alind) decided that yoga was calling her..
so once again we all met at 0800, and dutifully walked the walk whilst talking the talk!

The walk is always made worthwhile by the lovely company and the pineapple sorry, i mean coconut we get to drink eat after! (Jo gets pineapples & coconuts muddled....)
I came home and spent the afternoon with steve.. he went off to the hash at 4pm.. and i figured why be alone when i can annoy Helen! so thats what i did.
I took my breasts (chicken... of course) and we had an Ifits tea of ifits in the Fridge..which was really tasty. I stayed with H & Clauds til just after half 7.. even got to see clauds have her bath.... made me go all warm n fuzzy, and made me realise how long ago I was doing that.. (my baby is 20 in september!!)
Then i went on to Paulas (sticking &stamping blog) and Boel (watsons in Brunei blog) was there too...
we met to talk all things arty crafty.. and stick stamp etc.. but all i did was eye up Paulas fantastic stamps..scissix machine and look thru Boels pix that she was scrapbooking..
Think id like to gie that a go at some stage too...
Today ive made quiche, been & ordered and delivered flowers to two friends..met up briefly with 2 friends.. filled out forms to get Nelson back into the UK..sent off me ATCs,tidied up my crafty table.. and now all i need to do is go out to the yacht club for supper.. come home and pack!

we dont leave Brunei til 0130 saturday early hours.. so tomorrows gonna be a long day..
im bukiting in the morning.... and then... well who knows xx


  1. You do realise that was Wednesday don't you...?

    And I hear on the grapevine that you've cleared Paula out of half her stuff :o)

    Will miss you, wish I was doing Bukit tomorrow! x

  2. I want to see a picture of your Mum!