Monday, February 1, 2010

Food GLORIOUS food!

I have to mention this bit probably ISNT for the Fainthearted amongst you..

When we were in Seria the other day, i decided to look at the things around me ... the everyday 'i live in south east asia' type things, that IF i were to be living in the uk, and be here on holiday.. id go OMG!!

Mock Duck , and Bhudda jump over the wall...
Vegetarian delights of Fried and Flavoured Gluten..
Mmmmmmmmm Yum!

Next is braised peanuts... Tinned of course..

what do you actually DO with a braised peanut??

BUT only 90 cents (40p!)

Ok were getting into the not for the fainthearted section now..

when someone says DONT look over there.. well... you HAVE to go see... and thats exactly what happened..
I was walking through the meat department and there was a certain smell of death/dead .. always makes me want to Heave.. but.... I walked on through... these are the Ayam.. chickens...
i walked on by.....

Its nothing Unusual to see places selling chicken feet....

Cant say it is that pleasant to walk past a counter selling loads of feet.. but i think i have just got used to it....

Doesn't seem THAT unusual..

NOW this is unusual to see....

chicken heads... shrinkwrapped...

and 50 cents for about 8 or so..

why did this make me go YUUUCH.. surely its just a chicken.. but to see the heads on a polystyrene tray just really turned my stomach!

Kinda made me realise WHY i was once veggie....

But i guess... there is definately NOTHING wasted here!!

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  1. Mock duck... brilliant! You'll have to feature 'nips' in your next food post!