Saturday, January 30, 2010

Seria Day trip..

Some people rave about John Lewis .. Marks N Spencers , Sainsburys  & the like..
Sadly.. Here in Brunei... we dont have anything like these shops..

In Brunei .. when you are part of the Loan service, you get to shop at the equivalent of John Lewis'!
its called the NAAFI!

We have to travel to the naafi to get out grape juice supplies, as Brunei outlawed Alcohol somewhen back in the 1990s.. as part of being Loan service we get the right to shop for alcohol here.. unlike any of the teachers shell workers etc.. but they can go to the Naafi for other things..(see below)
So.. this is it... the place where the pilgrimage of the fallen ends up!

Seria is approx a 1 hour 15 minute drive from Muara.. Imagine having to drive that far to be allowed to get some wine or beer.. and not being able to just nip to asdas for a beer or 4! Yep.. thats the way it is here

Also this is the only place they sell ENGLISH CHOCOLATE!
ANYONE whos ever tasted imported Aussie chocolate that we get here, will understand why its worth the drive... Aussie choc is like gloop... its really not chocolate.. Imagine galaxy, NO imagine easter egg chocolate!! mm thats about it!

This is the fetching monument that greets you on your way into Kuala belait..

 as we where in seria we figured we would have a drive down to KB and get some lunch.. so we stopped at the 'sea view hotel'

The outside of the hotel was a bit Fawlty Towers like... but we risked going inside and it was a bit like the marie celeste! BUT.. we decided to give the place a try.... how bad could it be????

Steve ordered seafood claypot, and i had chicken and veg and peanut n stuff.. and rice.. it was actually very nice.
steves cost $10 (thats expensive for here ) at about £4..
and mine was $7.. so about £3 ish...

we also had kailan in garlic sauce.. this was $7, and usually lots cheaper, but hey we were at a hotel!

As you can see Steve was delighted with his lunch!

We werent allowed to use the pool there, so just made the most of the cool breeze and the beautiful view of the sea...

I had to add the Final photo (below)... Taken in the Ladies Loo at the Hotel..

It made me smile, as i visualised someone standing IN the toilet BOWL showering!!!


  1. Brilliant :o)

    And that kailan is rather pricey! x

  2. Hi there, well is sure looks warmer there than here. You asked me about posting BFPO to you, thats fine, no problem at all. Maybe see you when you get back to the UK too.
    Wendy from The Stamp Attic

  3. Aww it's lovely to visit your blog and SEE you :D
    I have put you in for the draw me lovely. Good luck
    Have a fab day
    Chris xx

  4. Had a great catch up on your blog Tina boy the Naafi that brings back memories...but boy it shouts at you...don't like the look at all.

    Is your tea and coffee still rationed?

    I managed and supervised a few Naafi's over the years.
    thanks for the memories. x