Saturday, January 9, 2010


This months theme for the ATC challenge is Zettiology..
if you, like me, had never heard of this,then you can imagine my first reaction..Errrm!!

I looked on line and got a few ideas, but the concept seemed to have a few n white,ponity hats & static faces..
So from there.i kind of had a look through some old pics that i had re photographed when i was in the UK last year
There were a few that sprung to mind, but i decided on using this one of my eldest sister Rosemary, who has since told me ,it was taken on her first day at work in simmons in Hatfield,in July 1965! (i was 4 months old!!!!)

I had a play, and then asked Chriss from the ATC group for a bit of advice.
so..the pics on here are of 2 ATCs, but they are a before and after Chriss' help and advice.

I'm still not sure if i have actually achieved what the zettiology is all about, but its my take on it, and as they say 'art is subjective'......


  1. They look absolutely awesome, so much fun! love them.

  2. Well done! I think the colors and compostion are great! How does Rosemary like her transformation? ;)