Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some cards what i have made...

Just a few cards that i have recently made...

I cant wait to get the next ATC challenge as i will have 5 days to make them! cos Steve & i are off on our travels again..

OOOh its exciting!

WELL  i keep being told i HAVE to make the most of my time here !! SO... Iam!

Im heading off on Holiday!

am loving making the cards though...

PS its STILL raining in Brunei.

pps these are some muffin type things that i made for Steve.. Hes dairy intolerant, so i try making all different types of muffins.. these were made with the pulp from carrots after they had been juiced! (we have a new juicer, and the boys have had much fun trying out combinations of lemon and cucumber and carrot etc etc!!) some conbos have worked better than others..

 BUT the muffins although a little heavy, were VERY tasty ..


  1. I love your baked stuff, I took the rest of the cookies you brought to hash the last time and I ate them all up. So if you need another taster, call me, call me, call me!!

  2. Lovely cards T, you've made more than I have now and yummy looking cakes...