Thursday, January 28, 2010

unaccustomed as iam to public speaking.....

Id just like to say  BIG thank you to Chrissy Rollins at the the Artist Trading Club for the FAB birthday goodie bag that i received via e mail this morning..
I love it and have started to Create using the downloads already.. I love the fairy cakes... crumbs everywhere!!!

I actually would have done more printing BUT our ink has run out, so Alex has been sent out on a mercy dash to purchase MORE ink so i can go create!!

ALSO.. i was one of the lucky ones to get my name drawn out the hat for a birthday freebie...

Im so excited.. Thank you X


This my most recent ATC..
Flowers speak words of love. I made 2 and have sent one off already a swap..(hope they aren't disappointed!)

i still feel like i need so so much more practice, and much more stuff.. as i have NO stamps and NO access to all the special things that many get to use like paints and accessories and things..
BUT when i get HOME, ill be out there on the hunt for all new things crafty...

sadly things sold here are usually not very good..
some Paints i bought a while ago where all dried, and totally useless...and finding anything decent here is a task in itself..
We have a shope in Gadong that sells scrapbooking things but its SOOO expensive..
But i do go in and look every so often!


  1. oH tHANK YOU tINA, I am blushing.

    loving your paper flower atc.

    chriss x

  2. panicking now as nowhere has the cartridges for our printer.. so we will have to wait for at least 3 weeks until they arrive thru BFPO! Darn it.. i really wanted to play with the wording that id been sent!!!