Sunday, January 17, 2010

Footie match.. warrant officers Vs Officers..

Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid day sun...
Strangely, on this day the sun had packed its bags and headed off somewhere else, and only the rain was there to  cool the proceedings!

The Players and fans (ok more like hecklers and wives who were there for a goss, and some .. you know who you are.. to read the remaining chapters of their books) arrived and the players were ready to kick off at about 4pm..

It was a good clean game (for the most part) although the words REF!! are you blind?? were heard a few times over the first 30 minutes as the lads huffed an puffed, i mean leaped young gazelles like around the pitch! All the leaping DID pay off for the officers as they scored the first and ONLY goal of the first half!

The 2nd half was made a little more interesting by virtue of the fact that the two Lovely ladies were called upon to play, and also the younger members of the Loan service community.. (Daniel Taylor, Jack Dixon and Matthew Dawson)

I was a little perturbed at the average size of the LS fellas and then the size of these wee lads.. but the mums n dads seemed happy..

(Poor Georgie, had to sit out the bouncy castle as she has broken her arm!)

The ladies ran around and played as good as could be expected, considering.. that, as Girls, we are definately predisposed to be the ones who scream and duck as soon as we see a football heading in our direction.. (My hat goes off to both Claire and Sharon for actually getting out on to the pitc..) Claire did mention she was wondering wether she should have attempted to header the ball at one stage, but came strangely to her senses and ducked instead.. GOOD CALL Claire!

The second half Also showed up some true talent in the form of young Phil Green, sorry.. no it was Phil who seemed to spend most of his time on the floor... (as well as playing a great game too...)
No the true Talent was that of Daniel Taylor.. who was like a little whippet on that pitch, and did everything in his stride to get that football in the right place.. ie IN that Goal!

Another goal was scored this time... i have no idea by whom, as it is a bloke thing.. and thus it was 1- 1..

There were a few fouls and a few more ARE YOU BLIND REF.. moments.. a stamping on a child moment.. and a falling on MY son moment.. but it was all in good humour

SO at Full time the score was a draw at 1-1..

Good game good Game..

Reggie put on one of her fab Buffets..

And the two captains (george & Ian) were handed the Trophy to share!!

(and some strange person behind the captains who will remain Lisa!!)

Just a few Photos of the kids.....


And Claudia....

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  1. Excellent! Some great photos in there Tina!!