Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Boel's Birthday...

Today was Boel's Birthday, and a few of us were asked to go share some cake with her...

Never one to turn down the offer of cake and good company,i went along and had a lovely morning, with lots of nattering, catching up and the chance to get to know some people better too..

Some of the ladies there bought there incredibly cute babies with them

i really cant resist taking pictures of babies...

This is oliver... he has the biggest brownest eyes that were like pools of chocolate..hes really going to break some hearts when hes older...

This little lady is Ida (pronounced eda) 

she was a happy little one, who also shared her (1st) birthday with Boel.. as well as Lucas, Boels son (who was at school telling everyone he was 6 today..... Boel declined to shout about her age too much though!! x)

Happy Birthday to you Boel..


  1. Can I please have copies of this mornings pictures Mrs T, pretty please with a cherry on the top px

  2. maybe 2 cherries and i will consider it xxxx