Sunday, January 10, 2010

What to do today??

Sunday in Brunei..Full of choices? stay in go out...but where too?
today we will do our beach walk later on this eve, when it gets a bit cooler...but before then we are intending to go into Gadong.
Gadong isnt the main 'City' here Bandar Seri Begawan is.but Gadong has more substance to it, and plenty more places to shop, and eat..Its no oxford street or Armada way..but its the best we have!

Alex wants to get something to feed his habit of X box.. steve and i are just going in as we love the Thai place in the mall.. they do the best Papaya salad.. phwoar, it blows your socks off!
Hey when in Brunei EAT!

It is an occupational pass~time and a Hazard too... only Hazardous as the food is usually pretty good, and plentiful.

This is the stunning view we have from our thai place in Gadong... The blue monstrosity is the Centrepoint Hotel..
This is where you are dutifully dumped, sorry Placed when you first arrive in Brunei! Kind of made me think ' OMG..RUN!'
But we didnt and were still here....
Its all a bit Gareish when you arrive here..bright colours,loud music and BLING!  not very British at all..and some may say a bit of a Culture shock??!!  But i have to admit I LOVE IT!!

This evening we are joining a few friends at the yacht club for some good food and conversation.The yacht club is located about 5 minutes drive away from where we live and is a great place to go for a swim and just generally take some down time... and the food there is always good...

so thats how WE spend a Stressed out sunday...
and of course the rest of the week is spent in very much the same way too (haha NOT!)

maybe ill take you shopping one day..!!

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