Monday, January 18, 2010

Malay Wedding...

Malay weddings are Grand affairs!
this wedding, there were 3000 invited guests and we were lucky to be part of the grooms wedding party. We didnt actually Know the groom, we know his brother Zuraman.. hes a tailor here in the camp.. and we always chat with him in a kind of 'we dont speak your lingo pointy shouty 'speak way.. He says Zuraman, Pakistan and tiga anak..Ie, his name is Zuraman, hes from pakistan and has 3 kids!

The wedding was blessed with torrential steve was whisked off to the house, cos hes a bloke, and i got taken to the back sheds..where i was placed with Samina and her family..

What a lovely lady.. she had her hubby, 2 sons and daughter (noor) with her..

Being with samina was a great help , as she knew all about the customs and traditions of the wedding..

The bride was waiting for her groom at a place near Mangis, but the groom had to meet everyone, wait for prayers and then eat makan.. Only then could he go off to meet his bride.. (who sadly we didnt see)

The groom wore 2 outfits... the first one was Orange and the second one was white / silver

The grooms family also came round and said hello... but being female You just touch hands with females only!
one of the Older ladies said thank you for coming.. i love you... haha think these were her well rehearsed english words ... as she giggled like a teen as she grasped on to my hand and didnt want to seem to let go!!

Makan time..
fish.. chicken, pineapple curry, and rice..

and for pud.. satsumas...

i was just loving watching the dynamics at this wedding and the kids.. the same as any wedding in any country...


  1. I wished I've known you earlier, I would've invited you to mine...

  2. Thanks Rozi.. i wish id have been there too.. cos you were one stunning Bride x

  3. what a great blog it would do well as a tourist/newbie.
    you can tell that you have an eye for photography.
    my grandaughter is doing it as part of her college course.

    those ATC's look like your sister like them?

    add your name to the 31st dec post over on atc blog, that way you will get visitors.

    chriss x

  4. Lovely to read about this wedding. Very interesting and as ever fab photos.