Monday, January 11, 2010

Brunei Blues....

AHHH i love this pic of my Dad...its the last picture i took of him when i was back in the UK last Jan Feb...

Well today, its Monday.. Brunei Blue Monday it shall be known as..

Im  never sure why i get these days,but today is a miss my dad and family and friends in the uk day!
i get these days every so often, even more so now, as i guess im psyching myself up for the fact that in a mere 6 months..we will once again be back HOME in the UK!

we still arent sure where we will be posted too when we get home..its a bit of pot luck on the way back...i mean how much sympathy are them in the their little offices ..going to give us?? i mean 3 years in the sun...thats all that they will see...MMMmmmm where can we put them> haha siberia ?? no just the uk!!

To be honest id be happy pretty much least when we are in the UK its closer to everyone whos there than here!!

Ive been looking through some old pictures today and found some i havent seen for a very long while.the one above was.taken in 2004, just before steve Alex and i went on holiday to wales!
Alex looks so small..and my dad, in this picture looks so healthy..not bad for a man who was suffering prostate cancer(NOT that he would ever admit that, mind!!!)
Ive also found some of our home in Devon..and remembered just how much i loved my Kitchen!
compared to the kitchen i have here in Brunei..mine in the uk is fantastic..
Here the cooker is archaeic, and the work surface is made up of tiles(uch bugs germs central!)

i have little storage space, and that, that i have is shared with geckos,lizards and the occasional weevil!! good job im good at sharing! hey .the rats in the roof keep me company at night,when they do their clog dance!!

Its funny when i see pictures of me and my sisters that i look at each one of us and try and see who we really look like... you i more dad and do we all look alike?? what do you think??

The picture below was taken at Dads funeral..
Its the last time and first time in many many years that we were all together..
Isnt it sad that we only get together for marriages and deaths nowadays.. but i guess thats because we are all spread so far away from one another.
Dads funeral was such a sad occasion, but it was so lovely to see all of our family again..

Dad would have loved it! I miss that man soo much x

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