Saturday, January 9, 2010

The luckiest cat in Brunei !

This is Nelson.

he was found in the road at Sungai Akar, cowering as cars drove over him.
he was about 2 months old when i found him,covered in mange and so emaciated that every bone in his body protruded.
I never had any intention of keeping him, but sadly Molly my cat ran off...and Nelson became top cat!

Today he had his final inoculations for Rabies and 4;1 vaccine.
Last time , he was very ill after the jabs..the vet isn't sure why..but we are just hoping he will be OK, and maybe this time , sail through the next week, with no problems.

The 2 pics above are nelson in his most favourite position, airing his bits n pieces, and also one of him in the garden taken approx a week ago, on his first venture in to the outside world..

If all goes well...Nelson will be joining us and making his home with us in the sunny UK!!

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