Friday, January 29, 2010

Bukit Shahbandar

some LOVE IT most HATE IT...
i think i actually have a bit of an affinity with this place... i hate the thought of getting up and doing Bukit.. but when im there, its like game on!

these pictures were taken a rather long time ago BUT i can assure you its still very much the same... Lots of ups.. a fair few downs and some real HEAVE HO areas too...

sadly this doesnt actually translate onto a picture so well..

But this was definately UP!!

Next time i go.. i will try and remember my trusty camera...

Its really a good all over~ cardiovascular work out.. especially the steps at the start....
im just wondering how Helen and Jo will feel tomorrow morning, as it was their first time doing Bukit..

Rosalind and i go every week (regularly once a week.. i used to go 3 times a week, but i never felt any different, and so i figured LESS is MORE!!) and hell.. what have i got to prove!
Im 44(and a bit) slightly thinner than i was when i arrived here in July 2007, and im actually HAPPY with who IAM
(ps im not the person i was in the piccie at the top.. shes gone now..!)

SO.. next friday i will take my Camera, and get a team photo of us mad women who bukit!

Be afraid is all i can say!!!


  1. Ooooh, check out the fancy design on your blog!!!
    Oaw - big steps ahead very fast!! Keep it up!

    And Bukit... yeah, what can I say... Haven't done it in a while but will next Thursday apparently!

  2. THURSDAY... good for you.. we go friday.. regular as clockwork(a clock thats being mended You understand!! lol!)
    I love Bukit.. what can i say... always have always will...
    Im sure you will remember why you love it too On Thursday x

  3. I used to do bukit on weekends, there you are in the middle of the hill wondering why you're up at the crack of dawn doing this and then when you get back down in the end, the cool down with the coconut drink made it all worth it...

  4. And don't forget the endorphins. That's the only reason I would ever do it!

    Monday morning, game on! Bring your camera if you want to spot the whale out of its natural environment... (you keep the skin wet, I'll fetch ropes!)

    Brilliant morning Tina :)