Monday, January 25, 2010

A Day Out to The Spit with RBYC..

Every few months the yacht club lay on a day trip to 'The spit'

This is always a great day out, and far enough away from the hustle bustle of real life(!) to make it feel like its your own special dessert island.. except not particularly deserted...

There seemed to not be that many people this time, but it was the morning after the burns night, so that may have been the stumbling block..

Its a beautiful place to spend a few hours...( even with the resident sandflies .. who seemed to be having all their Christmasses in one go..)i think we were all pretty well eaten, but hey.. its a small price to pay for a slice of paradise..

I even managed to swim in the sea for the 3rd time in my entire time in Brunei ( I love the sea, and the Beach.. but am never too keen to go In it..!)

Magi and i took the chance to cool off, and have a natter, and make the most of the surroundings whilst we could..

Reggie put on a fab buffet of salads,kebabs, almond fish peas beans baked spuds etc etc.. and even some of her fab apple pie n custard too ...

its funny how food always tastes SO much better when you dont make it yourself! and especially when you eat it in a place like this with the clear blue seas as a backdrop..

On the way back we decided to give the RHIB a go, as the River boat was only able to take 7 people and there were 8 of us.... OMG what complete fun that was! i was soooo scared as the guy opened the throttle out that i wasnt sure if i wanted to laugh or cry!

what a Brilliant day......

Im going to miss days like these.....

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