Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Soto !

OK.. lesson in soto Number 1.
Soto is MY favourite lunch time treat..
BUT with Soto, you Have too(well i HAVE TOO) have Tea Tarik.

Tarik means to pull.. this process involves strong Tea (orange tea as my sis and i call it) and its made with condensed milk AND a little MORE sugar for luck. tipped from one jug to another to form the fab frothy head on the top.(teacino?)... OK i admit, a dentists nightmare but i dont drink it very often!                                                        

This is where i go for the best soto!

Right.. THIS to the left is Soto..

Its like a chicken broth, with other bits added..yellow noodles,beansprouts,bit of chilli on the side and also some limes..
Im not entirely sure of what else is added to the broth that makes up the soto.. but it is one of the loveliest things to eat at lunch time as it isnt a heavy meal.

Im sure there must be plenty of other ingredients actually added to the broth whilst its bubbling, probaly shrimp paste..some lemon grass and something like saffron.. theres a taste in this i like but.. i cant place.. maybe ill ask them next time i go!

This is the menu you are faced with when you arrive..
Im not good at malay but do know these few things..

Sup Tulang is BONE
sup Lidah is tongue
sup ekor is ox tail

I always have soto ayam (chicken)
one teah tarik and a sprite, as we usually sit outside and eat, and after the soup you need a nice cool drink!
This feast will normally cost me about $5.. thats about £2.20! I guess when we get back to the UK we may not be eating out as much!

On the way back from lunch i stopped at Pantai Meragang! and was pretty amazed to find the monkeys eating stuff from a skip .. sadly when i got close to take some pics, the alpha male got a little keen to investigate me.. so i dutifully legged it down to the beach.. i wasnt prepared to argue!

There was a whole troop of them, and i watched them swim across the river to the bank of sand where they were all cleaning each other.. never seen a monkey swim before!!!

The beach here is beautiful but sadly they are building...i have a suspicion that its shop houses!! they are extremely close to the beach, and sadly have ruined the true beauty of this beautiful place..

But i guess we will always need shops to sell plastic ware and the like at a beach!

I think like this fella.. id rather just sit and watch the world go by as it is already!


  1. You've got to stand your ground with the monkeys mate or they'll chase you!! I faced off the alpha in our drive yesterday. Scary stuff but it worked.

    Lovely beach as always

  2. Hey Tina, you can tell a good tale love. Really enjoy keeping up with you on the blog.
    Linda xxx