Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A few more pics..

The Hoe..Lady Astor lived along here
Ok.. i gave up adding more pics last eve as the uploading of them was taking forever..

so im just adding a few more pics .

It was lovely to go down to Devon & Cornwall.. but as always, time went fast and it would have been good to meet up with lots of people we know down that way, but theres never enough time, and we always end up spreading ourselves thinly..

decided im not doing that anymore.. so we will head down that way again in the future and maybe spend longer than 48 hours... we may even have a holiday...in a kinda we lived there its not a holiday way??

Tea rooms on the Barbican
Smeatons Tower

Early morning walk, this is the Tamar

H & Amber.

Me H & Amber (cooold!)

The Frozen Tamar Valley.

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