Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Portsmouth..day trip..

Memory lane for me..

Met up with my very old mate Sally..(old as in time known not her age!)

and we chatted for 2 hours but sadly, she was on a tight schedule, so we crammed as much chat as we could into those 2 short hours..

After Sally had left i wandered through the Guildhall square..oh my..
i was once told that if a virgin stood on them steps, the lions guarding the Guildhall would roar..
they didnt roar then, and they didnt roar today!!

there was a deonstration happening, less cuts, more pay etc etc .. teachers this time..
i stopped and listened for a while..
All these protests in the world..
Do they ever really make a difference??

anyway.. a few more pics of the area..
Guildhall Door, i dare say not a tradesmans entrance!

I then walked on to Southsea.. in the glorious sunshine..
when i reached the seafront i was gobsmacked to see a very large missing object..

There used to be a very large big wheel at the funfair.. sadly its gone, along with most of all the OLD fair...
its all changed ..

most of the fair was bahing closed doors, and was undergoing a bit of a makeover..
but i still managed to get a few pics 'between the bars!'

i walked along towards Old portsmouth, and spent ages just looking out to see..
and did a whole lot of people watching too..

i could take pictures all day.. of anything and everything, and i have to admit, im getting the hang of the Olympus too..

i had a lovely day..

Thanks for reading..x

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