Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oxtail stew

Ok... its a stew made from the chopped up tail of a cow!

Howe tasty can it be...

well strangely.. the gravy was awesome.. but i couldnt bring myself to eat the meat

it still looked too much like it was to me.. its just a thing i have..
if it resembles what it once was, then its a big fat NO!

anyway the boys enjoyed gnawing round the bones!!

I also made these..

ginger sponge (another recipe from them Hairy Bikers!) and also

pumpking apricot and oat chewy bars.. aka Flapjack!
these also had the addition of some dessicated coconut and peanut butter in them too..
very yummy, and very nice with a cuppa tea..

The oaty bars were a BBC good food Rachel Allen recipe..
her recipes for most things are pretty good... she is almost a new younger Mary Berry if you ask me...
although Mary Berry will always be my cooking hero!

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