Sunday, February 27, 2011

March challenge

Im back... no excuse for not being about, just havent!

A Facebook friend in Brunei has set herself a photographic challenge for march and has thrown down the gauntlet for others to join in.
she has set a list of 16 things to capture in the month of march, and then  add them to your blog/facebook/whatever..
I may just give this a go, its just something a wee bit different and hey, gotta love a challenge..

Thanks Kate.

the list is as follows.

1.  Celebration
2.  Stripy
3.  Empty
4.  A game
5.  New
6.  Work
7.  Growing
8.  Home-made
9.  Favourite
10.  Blue
11.  Evening
12.  Pattern
13.  Flight
14.  Yesterday
15.  Fabric
16.  Loud

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