Saturday, January 15, 2011


Alex is on another health kick...
protein and carbs and pretty much everything...

Hes discovered he adores flapjacks, but i have always claimed im unable to make them..
YES i know they are simple, and kids make them at school.. but they were my nemesis.

So i decided to try making them again last week.
A Mary Berry recipe from her book that my dear Dad bought me in 1995..

i couldnt believe it!

It worked.. i used a recipe that required choc chips, but added dried fruit instead.
(Alex wont eat Chocolate.. HIS body is a temple)

Well now, 4 batches of Flapjacks later.. i think im getting the hang of ALL things Flapjacky!

Sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds. macadamia nuts, cranberries, raisins,pecans etc etc
Honey, agave nectar or golden syrup..
Mixed spices, lemon orange or ginger?
the variety is seemingly endless....

I think before, i was too keen to get them out the tin, and didnt leave them to cool, so assumed that they hadnt worked, as they would collapse and fall to pieces.. BUT now.. I know!

today Flapjacks.. tomorrow.................


  1. I got some from graze the other week that had honeycomb and chocolate in them. They weren't great, but if they were homemade and had chocolate coated honeycomb in them....?

  2. mmmmmm Now.. theres a thought..

    healthy (ish) with a twist!