Monday, January 24, 2011

My Panasonic Lumix died yesterday..

SO, i got the Olympus out of retirement.. and found these pics still on the card.

This was the day Claire phoned to say she had seen an animal on the beach, and wondered if we could help.

sadly.. when we got to the beach behind the house, we found it was already dead..
it was one of the dolphins that frequent the shores of Brunei.. such a shame

Its odd to see these pics again, as it felt such a long time ago, but still felt like yesterday..

There were also some other pics of the house before we left Brunei too.. How long ago was that now?
7 months at least.. wow, where has the last year gone.. this time last year we were readying ourselves to go to New Zealand.. wow what an amazing time that was....

But hey that was then.. this is now..
Here iam , in wet n windy wiltshire, and i Love it.. yes i miss the friends and the weather in Brunei.. but..

These are my Boys, and home is wherever we live..

and anyway.. who knows what lies ahead...


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