Saturday, January 15, 2011



after Frome last week, the idea of Warminster this week was rather appealing..

its a mere 10 miles from us here , and we thought it would be a nice few hours out of the house..

Sadly, Warminster has become one of the  Many Generic towns that the UK seems to have..
You know the usual, Morrisons, Subway, M&Co,Macdonalds, Peacocks, the usual!

There were a few independent places but mostly of the eatery kind..

It was a pretty chilly day today, and we nipped into a small Cafe to have a coffee..i have to admit the cafe was rather nice, and served really good coffe too.. (im not admitting that their apple cake was nice, as it was Steves Not mine!!)

i did find this notice, which i thought rather amusing...

Maybe next week we will try salisbury.. One of my most favourite places in the world.

(next to Angkor Wat, Muara Beach, The Hoe, and the small shack we used to drink at after Bukit shabandar!)

anyway... watch this space!

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