Monday, January 17, 2011

Trowbridge is the County town of Wiltshire. Its sadly another one of the Had the heart ripped out of it places, and been lumped with one of them God awful shopping Malls.. (Mall or Maul as they used to say in Brunei)

Went into Trowbridge  earlier today, as Alex had to go in to sort out some odds n ends .. So, I decided i would have a wander around and see if i could get a few photos ..

Heres what i found.. and i hope you like them..

This was taken it what i assume used to be the market area... sadly..ive never seen a market here..yet!

The Great british workman..having a sarni n a Ciggie.. at least it was balanced.. !!

Taken near the shires shopping MALL!

This elderly gent stood gazing in the doorway for ages.. then just bimbled off...

how i love taking photos...


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  1. Tina, what totally cool photos. You should be very pround of yourself so dramatic and powerful. Smiles Kat Kyle