Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Cheap Street
Theres no place like Frome..

thats for sure. how many streets have you seen with a small stream running down the middle of it..

Frome was a lovely place with a great Farmers market.

it was nice to go somewhere with unusual shops NOT the usual mish mosh of starbucks Asda Primark and the like..

unusual shops, independant ones with not your usual run of the mill crud..

Wholefoods shop
Beats wearing them!

I really liked Frome.  Wasnt expecting much to be honest. After Devizes much hyped market, and the feeling of deflation when we went there..i was kind of thinking it was going to be similar..

Thankfully, it wasnt.

Frome... Ill be back!

St Valentines Lamp.
which is lit every valentines day

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  1. I LOVE the wellies, what a fantastic idea - are they water lilies?

    Glad you enjoyed yourself mate. I love places like that, it reminds me a bit of Hay-on-Wye with all the funny little shops :)