Friday, January 14, 2011

Flooded Wiltshire

Lots of rain and already sodden soil = Flooding. (Im pleased to say the floods here are not to the proportions of Australias inland floods,  thankfully.. )
This was the sight that greeted me at the bridge i cross every day.. i would say the gap to the top of the bridge is normally about 5 feet.. and as you can see, its slightly less than that in this pic.. id hazard a guess at maybe 6 inches from the top..

in the above pic, you can see the rail along the road from where the other pic was taken..

The road i usually take to work, via Holt, was sadly closed as it was 2 ft under water.. so the long way round to work it was for me!
I did manage to try and get a few arty shots before i headed off to work, quite liked this one..

This was what greeted me on the way home from work,5 and a half hours later.. the fields were totally underwater now (i usually leave work in the dark so today was quite unusual)

The sun was just going down in the direction of bradford on Avon,and the view over the flooded fields was eerily beautiful..

Lets hope the lake that is Staverton lake, soon subsides and then the cows can return to their fields...

although its very beautiful to see, you have to wonder whats happened to all the wee animals in the fields..

 Alex decided he would go out for a bike ride, this is what he looked like when he got home!

well.. Boys will be Boys i Guess??

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