Saturday, March 13, 2010

All things Bright & Beautiful

All things Bright & Beautiful...

We have some pretty quirky things here In Brunei.. and after a while of living here.. they seem to become very Normal!

I remember when i arrived here 3 years ago, july 10th, I was totally overcome by the randomness that is Brunei..Shops in strange places and cafes next to supermarkets in the middle of what seemed like no where..AND, Its very Bling here too...

so my Challenge for today (and a great excuse NOT to do Bukit) was to take some photos of just random stuff here..
Ok here goes.. eyes down Look in!!

Because.. In Brunei.. More IS more..

And colour is Very important to the people here too...
No dull outfits here..

things are always very bright and beautiful..

These are Fabrics at a stall in Gadong Mall..

The mall was Very empty as it was only half 9 in the morning.. and most shops dont open till 10am..

Yes the Mall Gadong is VERY bright too... and usually very Noisy.. but not today.. its was strangely quiet!

Even Bread is FUN in Brunei!

Be careful when Taking the Biscuit!!!

(as stated on the side of all these jars of locally made Biccies.....)

The supermarket under the mall Gadong Always reminds me of shopping in the old days at places like internationals!

all very in your face

And all very brunei..

Love it! x


  1. I always wondered what brunei must be like to expats XD

  2. It's funny how you get so used to the garish colours and wonderful bling. I don't even notice it any more but you're right Tina, I really should take your lead and get some bright and beautiful photos before I leave...