Sunday, March 7, 2010

More NZ pics..

I thought it about time i added some different pics to my blog, of our recent trip to south island NZ..
words fail me(!!) to express what an amazing experience going to this place was..
the scenery is just ever changing.. and just when you think you have seen it all.. along comes yet more different scenery..

This pic was taken at the beach at Punaikaki rocks and Blow hole..
we didnt realise how close we were to the actual rocks area.. and we could have watched the spectacular sunset from there.. but we  ventured to the rocks the next day..

The weather and the tide were just right at mid day.. so we were able to see the sea at its angriest smashing into these odd pancake like rocks..

no one is really sure how or why the rocks formed in such a way...
but its very unusual..

as you can see the name pancake rocks is very apt, as the stone does actually look like layers and layers of pancakes!

This pic is taken looking towards the beach where the sunset picture was taken.. and also the campsite area where we stayed the night..

I can only imagine how Capt Cook felt when he chanced upon NZ all them many years ago...  as the shoreline is soo rugged.. very much like Cornwall to be honest.. just far more forested and impenetrable... its  sight from afar must have filled them all with complete wonderment!

I cant remember where this was taken exactly.. but we had stopped to get some fresh fruit, from one of them roadside stalls.. and the railway line was just there!!

This is lake Mathieson      
with the wind rippling the water..

                                             This is Lake Mathieson
                                             when the wind drops!
Mount Cook is on the Right and fox Glacier is on the left(i think)

I was amazed that you were able to do a Glacier walk if you wanted too...(and strangely.. I didnt!) It was always an added cost to do these things... and to be honest.. I dont do the cold.. and with my track record of slips and falls.. it was probably a wise decision to decline Steves offer.

As you can see the people on the walk look like tiny dots.. and the Ice was very dirty too
Nothing like you see in the movies!

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  1. Incredible photos. The glacier in particular is fascinating! Even though it's a bit grubby it still intrigues me to see all the different shades of grey!